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Supplement I, Mai 2011, Conference Proceedings "Decision Making and Science – The Balancing of Risk Based Decisions that Influence Sustainability of Agricultural Production"


P. De Barro and D. Bartsch


D. Cook et al.
Prioritising biosecurity investment between agricultural and environmental systems

K. Mengersen and P. Whittle
Improving the accuracy and intelligibility of decisions

A.W. Leach and J.D. Mumford
Pesticide environmental accounting: a decision-making tool estimating external costs of pesticides

M. A. Schlaepfer et al.
How science might misdirect policy? Draws on insights into the threats and consequences of invasive species

P.J. De Barro et al.
The proposed release of the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti containing a naturally occurring strain of Wolbachia pipientis, a question of regulatory responsibility

S.L. Goldson
Biosecurity, risk and policy: a New Zealand perspective

J.D. Mumford
Compensation for quarantine breaches in plant health

M. Streloke
Risk assessment and management of herbicides: obligations of the new EU regulations

U. Ehlers
Interplay between GMO regulation and pesticide regulation in the EU

J. Sweet and D. Bartsch
Guidance on Risk Assessment of Herbicide Tolerant GM plants by the European Food Safety Authority

G. Champion
Lessons learned from the Farm Scale Evaluation of GM HT crops

F. Bigler and R. Albajes
Indirect effects of genetically modified herbicide tolerant crops on biodiversity and ecosystem services: the biological control example

M.D.K. Owen
Weed resistance development and management in herbicide-tolerant crops – experiences from the USA

P. McDonald
Report on Canadian experience with HT oilseed rape

J. Smith
Australian experience with Herbicide Tolerant (HT) and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton

J. Popp
Cost-benefit analysis of crop protection measures

M. Marvier
Using Meta-Analysis to Inform Risk Assessment and Risk Management

D.A. Andow
Assessing unintended effects of GM plants on biological species

J. Soukup et al.
Environmental and agronomic monitoring of adverse effects due to cultivation of genetically modified herbicide tolerant crops


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