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Multiannual National Control Plan for the Federal Republic of Germany pursuant to Article 41 of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004

The basic Regulation on food safety (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002) prescribes that Member States implement food law and to monitor and check this implementation. To do so, EU Member States are required to prepare a Multiannual National Control Plan (MANCP) in accordance with Articles 41–43 of the Control Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 882/2004).

This plan should set out the objectives, which the Member States have defined with regard to controlling compliance with food and feed law and with regard to animal health, animal welfare and plant health. Further, the plan must specify the instruments and structures, including the personnel and material resources available for the fulfilment of the objectives. Community inspections by the Commission concentrate on the MANCP implementation.

Structure of the MANCP for the Federal Republic of Germany

In order to accommodate the federal structure of Germany, the MANCP for the Federal Republic of Germany is split into a framework plan and 16 plans of the Federal States.

The framework plan (Part I) describes the organization, tasks, structures and cooperation of authorities and institutions of the Federal Government as well as bodies and working groups, which are performed (i) jointly by the Federal Government and Federal States and (ii) on the level of Federal States. The plan covers the areas of food safety, feed safety, animal welfare and animal health (Section A) and the area of plant health (Section B).

Part II of the MANCP includes the individual control plans of the Federal States.

Annual report on the Federal Republic of Germany's Multiannual National Control Plan

Each year the Federal Government presents a comprehensive report in accordance with Article 44 of the EU Control Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 882/2004) to the Commission. This annual report documents how the strategic objectives laid out in the Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP) were pursued in the previous year in the areas of food and feed control, animal health, animal welfare and plant health.

The annual report gives an overview of the controls planned and implemented within the five control areas in accordance with the regulation, and in particular describes targeted focus points. The individual reports drawn up for the assessment of the control data are referenced. The annual report further summarises the most important findings of the control activities and presents conclusions and measures. The report describes and assesses the further development of the control systems and indicates adjustments to the MANCP.

In accordance with the MANCP structure, the annual report is split into Part I, a framework report, and Part II, the individual annual reports of the Federal States.

The framework report presents the results of the nationally coordinated control programs and the official controls in the individual monitoring areas. It also summarizes control programs carried out in the period in light of current events, which affected multiple Federal States.

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