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Notifications in the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed

In Germany, BVL is the National Contact Point for the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). The RASFF was put in place to provide food and feed control authorities with an effective tool to exchange information about measures taken responding to serious risks detected in relation to food, food contact material or feed. The BVL receives the notifications from the Federal States and after a thorough check transmits these to the European Commission. The Commission receives all notifications from the RASFF member countries, performs checks on them, and makes them available to all members of the network by notifying them. The BVL summarizes every day all notifications in a daily report and sends this to the contact points of the Federal States, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and to other state authorities. The daily report is also published here in due consideration of the Federal Data Protection Act.

In case of immediate health risks for the consumers, the competent food safety authorities in the Federal States inform the public about the affected products and their manufacturers.

The daily tables of the anonymised notifications from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed and the daily tables from recent months are retrievable on the right-hand column of the page.

Types of notifications

Alert notifications are sent when a food or feed presenting a serious health risk is on the market and when rapid action is required. The RASFF member that identifies the problem (in Germany by the Federal State where the manufacturer or the initial distributor is headquartered) and takes the relevant actions (e.g. withdrawal of the product) triggers the alert. If the affected product was already handed out to consumers, the public is informed, for example in the form of a press release from the manufacturer, importer or the competent authority. In follow-up notifications, other member countries are informed about the results of such product recalls and about the measures taken, the possible distribution, etc.

Information notifications are used when a risk to human health from food, food contact materials or feed has been identified, but the other members do not have to take rapid action. This is because the product has not reached their market or is no longer present on their market (information for attention) or because the nature of the risk does not require rapid action (information for follow up).

Border rejections (BR) concern food, food contact material or feed that have been rejected at or a EEA border post or a designated point of entry. The affected consignment is rejected for import and either returned to the country of origin or destroyed on site.

News refers to any information related to the safety of food and feed products which does not fall into one of the above mentioned categories but which is judged interesting for the food safety authorities.

Legal notice

The BVL assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the correctness of the information in these daily tables. The information is handled as it is made available to the BVL via the European Commission from the contact points of the respective Member State.

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