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Information on active substances

EU Pesticides Database on active substances

The European Commission maintains a data base which contains key data on all active substances: current status in the EU, toxicological data (ADI, ARfD, AOEL), links to review reports and decisions, maximum residue levels, and information on the authorization status in the Member States.

Summary Dossiers

For the assessment of an active substance, an applicant submits extensive information (dossier). This includes summary documentation (summary dossier). According to Regulation (EU) No 1107/2009, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) publishes these summary dossiers on its web site.

Draft Assessment Reports (DARs, RARs)

Draft assessment reports (DARs) and Renewal Assessment Reports (RARs) are compiled for the Community assessment of active substances by the rapporteur Member State (RMS). They form the basis for further discussions with the Member States and the EFSA in the peer review. Assessment reports which have been prepared since July 2005 are provided by the EFSA on request. Previous reports are available from the competent authorities in the rapporteur Member State concerned. German assessment reports are available in the right hand margin (documents on active substances for which Germany is the rapporteur Member State). Draft Assessment Reports may be accompanied by background documents which are also found on the pages mentioned above.

EFSA reports (EFSA Conclusions) from the Pesticide Risk Assessment Peer Review (PRAPeR)

On the basis of the draft assessment report, EFSA arranges a peer review in co-operation with the Member States. The relevant reports including results and conclusions by the EFSA are passed on to the European Commission and published on the EFSA website.

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