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Adjuvants according to § 42 of the Plant Protection Act


Adjuvants are defined in Regulation (EC-European Commission) No 1107/2009 Article 2 (3) d as substances or preparations which comprise co-formulants or preparations with one or more co-formulant(s) in the form in which they are delivered to the user and placed on the market with the purpose of being mixed by the user with a plant protection product in order to increase its impact or other pesticidal properties. Its impact is not to be interpreted in the sense of that of a synergist. Adjuvants are products which are applied as a tank mix with plant protection products and which improve, for example, wetting or the adhesion of plant protection products, or which prevent foaming.

Provisions concerning the placing on the market of adjuvants

Adjuvants may only be placed on the market if they fulfil the following requirements:

  • They must be approved by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) according to § 42 of the Plant Protection Act.
  • They must be labelled according to the provisions of § 43 of the Plant Protection Act. Legislation on hazardous substances may require additional labelling.
  • They must not have any harmful effects when used correctly and for their intended purpose, particularly as far as human and animal health, groundwater and the environment are concerned.

Information on approved and listed adjuvants

The approval of adjuvants is published by the BVL in the Federal Gazette. The overall list which is updated on a monthly basis is available on the right; the overall list contains both the adjuvants approved according to § 42 of the Plant Protection Act as well as the adjuvants listed according to old legislation.

Adjuvants listed before the 14 February 2012 may remain on the market until 14 February 2022; the deadline for using up stocks also ends on this date (cf. § 74 (10) Plant Protection Act). Since these adjuvants were listed according to old legislation, the old labelling requirements apply to these adjuvants, which include stating the listing number and the full composition according to the type and amount with the common scientific names.

The approval procedure

Applications for approval according to § 42 of the Plant Protection Act must be submitted to the BVL.

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