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Authorisation of plant protection products

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Plant protection products may only be marketed and used when they authorised by the BVL. The BVL informs here on authorised products. More: Authorisation of plant protection products …

EU Review of Active Substances

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Active substances in plant protection products are assessed in the EU by a community procedure, at the end of which a decision is taken whether an active substance is approved for the use in plant protection products. The BVL is the German coordination point for this European cooperation. More: EU Review Programme …

Plant strengtheners

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Plant strengtheners are products which are intended to maintain plant health or to protect plants against non-parasitic impairments. The BVL must be notified before placing a plant strengthener on the market. More: Plant strengtheners …

Adjuvants for plant protection products

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Adjuvants are mixed with plant protection products in order to improve, for example, wetting or to prevent foaming. Adjuvants need an approval of the BVL. More: Adjuvants …

Residues and maximum residue levels

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Maximum residue levels (MRLs) are limits for residues of pesticides in food and feed. MRLs are established in an EU procedure. More: Residues and MRLs …

Product chemistry

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Apart from the active substances, plant protection products also contain co-formulants, such as wetting agents, emulsifiers and solvents. In the authorisation procedure the composition of each plant protection product including impurities is assessed, as well as the physical and chemical properties. More: Product chemistry …

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