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The approval procedure for adjuvants

Applications for the approval of adjuvants according to § 42 of the Plant Protection Act must be submitted to the BVL. One copy of the following documentation must be submitted (on paper or in electronic form on a data CD):

  • a completed application form including a declaration that the adjuvant has no harmful effects when applied correctly and for its intended use, nor as a consequence of its application
  • further documents according to the application form

The application form including instructions on how to fill it in is available on the right.

Three further authorities are involved in evaluation and assessment:

  • the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR; regarding possible harmful effects on human and animal health)
  • the Federal Environment Agency (UBA: regarding possible harmful effects on the environment)
  • the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI; regarding other harmful effects)

The authorities check to see whether it can be assumed for definite that the adjuvant will cause no harmful effects. If the submitted information and documentation give rise to doubt, the BVL can demand further documentation and/or samples according to § 42 (3) of the Plant Protection Act. By law the application must be processed within four months. If the BVL demands further documentation and samples in order to pursue any doubts, the deadline for processing is extended.

The approval according to § 42 is granted for ten years (§ 42 (2) Plant Protection Act); it applies to the placing on the market but not to the deadline for using up stocks. The approval is published in the Federal Gazette.

The BVL charges fees for processing applications. The Plant Protection Fee Ordinance can be retrieved from the right-hand margin.

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