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Critically examined - plant protection products

The BVL is responsible for authorising plant protection products in Germany. In this process, the BVL is responsible for risk management, i.e. for authorisation decisions and administrative measures to protect both humans and the environment. Furthermore, the BVL acts as the national coordination point in the European cooperation to evaluate active substances in plant protection products and to determine maximum residue levels. It lists plant resistance improvers and adjuvants which are permitted in Germany.

Tasks in the field of plant protection products

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The BVL is responsible for authorising plant protection products. It also fulfills numerous tasks as to the regulation of plant protection products. More: Tasks in the field of plant protection products …

For applicants

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For all application and notification procedures, the BVL provides forms and technical information on its website. Online applications are possible for the most important procedures. More: For applicants …

For users

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The BVL informs about authorised plant protection products and provides comprehensive guidance on the proper use of plant protection products. More: For users …

Technical information

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Technical information on plant protection products can be found here. More: Technical information …

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