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Handling of GMO

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Anybody handling GMO hast o take precautionary measures and follow regulations. More: Handling …

Auhorization procedures

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The authorization of the deliberate release or placing on the market and the operation of a contained use facility follows certain procedures explained here. More: Authorization procedures …

After authorization

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After authorization GMO are subject to regulations which are explained here. More: After authorization …

Detection methods and sampling

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The competent laboratories of the Federal States analyse samples for GMO content on a regular basis. More: Detection methods and sampling …

Biosafety institutions

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Here you will find information on the Cartagena Protocol and the Central Committee on Biological Safety (ZKBS). More: Biosafety institutions …

Further information

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Here you will find databases and links available in the area of genetic engineering. More: More Information …

Legal framework

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Here you will find an overview of the legal framework on the national, European and international level. More: Legal framework …

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