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Genetic engineering – check carefully, approve safely

The release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) for scientific trials needs to be approved by the BVL. If GMO are to be cultivated commercially, the BVL will provide a statement in the Community approval process of the EU. Furthermore, the BVL manages the international information exchange on GMO in the Biosafety Clearing House for Germany. The BVL hosts the secretary of the Central Committee on Biological Safety (ZKBS). The ZKBS advises the Federal Government and the Federal States in safety-relevant questions on genetic engineering

Tasks in the area of genetic engineering

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In the area of genetic engineering tasks are distributed between the levels of federal Länder, and federal government and EU. More: Tasks in the area of genetic engineering …

For consumers

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Legal regulations and control measures for the safety of consumers as well as authorisation procedures and granted authorisations are presented here. More: For consumers …

For applicants and practitioners

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Important regulations and all necessary information for applicants handling GMO and practitioners using approved GMO are presented here. More: For applicants and practitioners …

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