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We have compiled a number of publications regarding the fields of food safety, plant protection products or genetic engineering, which you can download or order. Furthermore, here you find the self-portrayal of the BVL: "Managing Risks – Protecting Consumers".

If you should not be able to find the information you require here, we can recommend the following web pages: Information service consumer protection, food and agriculture/Infodienst Verbraucherschutz, Ernährung und Landwirtschaft and These include a wide selection of brochures written specifically for interested consumers.

Brochure "Plant genetic engineering – an overview"

Titelbild der Broschüre "Die Grüne Gentechnik - Ein Überblick"

Thus 30 years of research and practice, genetic engineering is still a new technology. There is an intense debate, especially on plant genetic engineering. Therefore, the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has published a brochure on plant genetic engineering (available only in German).

Consumers or farmers can read up on chances and risks of plant genetic engineering. The brochure gives information as to the current state of research as well as to the legal framework. The brochure can be downloaded online.

Brochure: "Safe Food in Germany – The Multi-annual National Control Plan"

Titelbild der Broschüre "Sichere Lebensmittel in Deutschland - Der Mehrjährige Nationale Kontrollplan" (Quelle: BVL).© BVL

The brochure (available only in German) presents the Multi-annual National Control Plan as a new instrument of risk management. It informs about the controls along the food and feed chain, about animal protection, the health of plants and animals and the legal framework.

The brochure can be obtained free of charge from the press office at the BVL. Please use our contact form for this purpose. The brochure can also be downloaded online.

Brochure on health and the environment in Germany

In neuem Fenster zum Download: Die Broschüre "Umwelt und Gesundheit"

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety have released a brochure (available only in German) together an the subjects of health and the environment in Germany containing everyday case studies.

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