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Issue 1, March 2017


G-F. Böl
Neue Wege der Esskultur - Zwischen Askese, Völlerei und Binge-Eating

Research Articles

R. Scholz, M. Herrmann, B. Michalski
Compilation of processing factors and evaluation of quality controlled data of food processing studies

S-H. Choi, H-J. Suh
Determination and estimation of daily nitrite intake from processed meats in Korea


Lutz Grohmann, Anke Belter, Brigitte Speck, Ottmar Goerlich, Patrick Guertler, Alexandre Angers-Loustau, Alex Patak
Screening for six GM soybean lines by an event-specific multiplex PCR method: Collaborative trial validation of a novel approach for GMO detection

Short Communication

M. Funk, U. Leist, M. Biedermann, K.Grob
Interlaboratory comparison: taped test on the barrier efficiency of internal bags used in boxes of recycled paperboard

A. Piper, R. Kühl
Welchen Schaden verursacht Verbrauchertäuschung bei Lebensmitteln? Ein Quantifizierungsansatz

H. Mielke, M. Greiner, Ch. Müller-Graf
Stichprobenplanung in der Lebensmittelüberwachung

Announcements and Reports

BVL Bund
Technically avoidable heavy metal contents in cosmetic products

H-U. Waiblinger, B. Boernsen, C. Geppert, A. Demmel, V. Peterseil, R. Koeppe
Ring trial validation of single and multiplex real-time PCR methods for the detection and quantification of the allergenic food ingredients mustard, celery, soy, wheat and rye

B. Rosner, T. Schewe
Gemeinsamer nationaler Bericht des BVL und RKI zu lebensmittelbedingten Krankheitsausbrüchen in Deutschland, 2015

78. Arbeitstagung des ALTS

108. Sitzung des ALS

Amtliche Mitteilungen

Events and News


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