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Issue 3, September 2016



F. Ulberth
Early warning systems for food safety and integrity need to be anticipative to be useful for preventing food crisis situations


N. Puhač Bogadi, M. Banović, I. Babić
Food defence system in food industry: perspective of the EU countries

J.K. Schweim, H.G. Schweim
Botanicals in Arzneimitteln und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln


C.Y. Cheung, P. Luber
Investigational tracing as a method for identification of causative foods and sources of food-borne outbreaks

A.D. Rosa, S.M. da Silveira, E.F. Coutinho, C. Steffens, R.L. Cansian, E. Rigo, G.T. Backes
Green olive fermentation using spontaneous and Lactobacillus plantarum cultures

V. Trojan, T. Vyhnánek, O. Štastník, E. Mrkvicová, J. Mareš, L. Havel
Detection of DNA fragments from wheat in blood of animals

H. Tosun, P.G. Ergönül, E.F. Üçok
Occurrence of aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2) in herbal tea consumed in Turkey

C.M.A. Iwegbue
Safety evaluation of the metals in some brands of nail polish in Nigeria


Amtliche Mitteilungen

Events and NEWS

B. Schäfer, N. Bandick, A. Epp, K.I. Hirsch-Ernst, J. Pucher, R. Schumann, M. Spolders, B. Wagner, A. Lampen
BfR-Symposium „Insekten als Lebens- oder Futtermittel: Nahrung der Zukunft?“ Bericht zum Symposium am 24. Mai 2016

A. Weiß
Erfolgreiches erstes Fachsymposium der fusionierten Fachgruppe Lebensmittelmikrobiologie und -hygiene


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