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Supplement I, July 2014


Conference Proceedings „Science into policy, improving uptake and adoption of research“
11th to 13th November 2013 in Brisbane, Australia

The opinions expressed and arguments employed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the OECD or of the governments of its Member countries.

The Conference was sponsored by the OECD Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, whose financial support made it possible for some of the invited speakers to participate in the Conference.

Paul De Barro, Stephen Goldson, Detlef Bartsch, Mikael Hirsch, Martyn Jeggo, John W Lowenthal, Philip Macdonald, Ryan RJ McAllister, Rod McCrea, Fiona McFarlane, Cathy Robinson, Kim Ritman, Joe Smith, Rieks Van Klinken, Iain Walker, Juliana Ribeiro Alexandre, Simon Barry, Camilla Beech, Craig Cormick, Peter Kearns, Qu Liang, Aditi Mankad, Sally McCammon, Sylvie Mestdagh, Sorada Tapsuwan and Andrea Walton
Science into policy; improving uptake and adoption of research – outcomes and conclusions


Stephen Goldson, Peter Gluckman and Kristiann Allen
Getting science into policy

Kim Ritman
Science and decision making from both sides of the fence

Martyn Jeggo
Science delivering to regulators

Peter Kearns, Kazukuki Suwabe, Bertrand Dagallier, Ward Hermans and Christiana Oladini-James
Genetically modified organisms, environmental risk assessment and regulations

Iain Walker
A social scientist’s view of science adoption and uptake

Craig Cormick
Social research into public attitudes towards new technologies

John W Lowenthal
Confidence in genetically modified animal research and regulation

Detlef Bartsch
GMO regulatory challenges and science: A European perspective

Phil Macdonald
Genetically modified organisms regulatory challenges and science: A Canadian perspective

Joe Smith and Heidi Mitchell
Challenges researchers need to consider when dealing with regulators

Camilla Beech
Regulatory experience and challenges for the release of GM insects

Sally L McCammon
The connections between science and biosafety

Sylvie Mestdagh, Yann Devos, Christina Ehlert, Yi Liu, Nancy Podevin, Stefano Rodighiero, Elisabeth Waigmann, József Kiss, Joe N Perry and Jeremy B Sweet
EFSA guidelines on the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified animals in the EU: The process and risk assessment considerations

Qu Liang, Mario Garcia, Adama Diallo and Gerrit Viljoen
Scientifically achievable directives – a key driver in the control of transboundary animal diseases


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