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Analyses at the highest level

In order to reach uniform standards in food control throughout the European Union, the National and EU Reference Laboratories collaborate in a network. The BVL hosts one European Union and eight National Reference Laboratories for certain residues and contaminants as well as for genetically modified organisms. Furthermore, the BVL is responsible for publishing the Official Collection of Methods of Analysis. The resistance monitoring of pathogenic agents in animals is another of the BVL's tasks.

Analytical tasks

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The laboratory sections of the BVL are, on a national level, an important intersection between the BMELV and the responsible food control laboratories in the federal states. On an international level, they act as an intersection between the European Commission, the European Union Reference Laboratories and the national institutions mentioned above. More: Analytical tasks …

For consumers

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The protection of the consumer is the primary aim of all legal regulations and monitoring activities. Information on food control can be found here. More: For consumers …

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